A View From the Edge

by David Longstreath

Body Snatchers
Collecting the injured and dead in the city of Angels
Earthquake in Indonesia
More than 5,000 killed in this massive 2006 earthquake near Yoke Jakarta​, Indonesia.
Sometimes the best looking women in Thailand turn out to be men.
Brother No. 1
Remembering the day I dashed across the Thai-Cambodian border to photograph the last despot of the century dead in a border jungle hut. all photos/David Longstreath/AP
Brother No. 2
A look back at my time in Cambodia on the trail of Pol Pot's right-hand​ man, Nuon Chea, AKA, Brother No. 2.
Thailand Tattoo Madness
Devotees line up for new or recharged tattoos at Wat Bang Phra
Wat Dhammakaya
a collection of images from Wat Dhammakaya on the outskirts of Bangkok. The massive Buddhist temple reminds many of an alien spaceship.
Brutal Land
Cambodia has been ravaged by wars and civil wars since the 60's. In April of 1975 Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took over the southeast Asian nation and emptied the cities. Three years later Vietnam intervened but by then 1.9 million Cambodians had been killed. The nation today still bears the scars of that genocide. all photos (AP Photos/David Longstreath)
India had always called to me. On my 65th birthday, I got the chance to visit and photograph its people.
Becoming a Buddhist Monk
In Thailand,​ every man is required to become a Buddhist monk even if it is only for one day.
Flight Deck 2001
I spent several weeks aboard the US Navy aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in late October as it launched daily airstrikes against Taliban targets in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan Diary
Images from refugee camps in Pakistan and stories I photographed near Kabul and the Shomali Valley.
Thailand's Vegetarian Festival
Thailand's Vegetarian Festival is a many-layered​ event.
Gulf War
It has been almost 30 years since I was part of the Associated Press team to document events in Saudia Arabia and then Kuwait during the first Gulf War.
My World in Black & White
Photography began for me as Tri X film and a developer known as D76. I was trained to see in black and white and though I had to make color images I have always been in love with the black and white image.
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